Classic Week

The Classic Week collection is sporty chic, true yacht style. These are bags made from classic Dacron, which has survived seas and oceans, sewn with great attention to detail. Antique fonts are used for decoration, leather is used for decoration, in the manner of classic sail trim. Hand sewing is used. Accessories - brass eyelets and carabiners.

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The BR-L collection is a classic marine, sports, comfortable model of dacron bags, using marine ropes, stainless carabiners and marine symbols. In this collection we use new material that has not yet seen the sea, but everything is in your hands! :) It's bright, fresh and comes in different colors

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Story №

Story No. is a joint project between Elena Bronskaya and leather goods designer Dana Skorik. In this collection, the girls decided to combine two types of materials: sailing laminate based on Kevlar and carbon fiber and natural leather. This collection uses racing sails that have competed in ocean crossings and world-class racing. The main idea is to give old sails a new quality, introducing this wonderful material into everyday life on shore

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