Your own design

Idea of your design

On our bags, just like on the sails, there are letters, numbers, flags and yacht emblems, and they all mean something. Therefore, we invite you to participate in creating your own model. You can place your name or yacht class on the bag, or encrypt the message in the form of flags so that it is understandable only to yachtsmen.

So, what can you do with our bags:
  • Take one of our models as a basis and come up with what you would like to see on it, it could be a number or a letter, or some combination, there should be no more than 5 characters
  • Choose which straps you want
  • Decide what kind of clasp you need
  • Draw what you would like - and we will try to sew it

The cost of a product with an individual design is calculated based on the cost of the existing model that you want to use as a basis + 30%.