Sails for "Poltava"

Our studio is involved in the manufacture of sails for the 54-gun battleship "Poltava"


STORY No. is a joint project of Elena Bronskaya and designer Dana Skorik. Dana is a professional designer of bags and leather goods, author of the KOJURA brand. The girls teamed up to create a capsule collection of bags made from classic Italian leather and modern sailing material Kevlar and car…

Gift bags for participants of the Russian Open Championship in the “Dragon” class

For two years in a row, Sailing Studio has been a partner of the DragonOpen regatta - the Russian Open Championship in the Dragon class! All participants became happy owners of canvas bags with the logo of the regatta and sponsors.

Regatta “Sails of the White Nights. Cup of the Palace of Congresses"

At the Regatta “Sails of the White Nights. Cup of the Palace of Congresses" - the Open European Championship in match racing, our studio acted as a partner of the Regatta. We made folders with regatta symbols for all participants.

Transatlantic project voyage of the team from the Pirogovo yacht club

Brave young people from the Pirogovo yacht club made a transatlantic crossing in the fall of 2013, and with them our bags crossed the Atlantic.

Historical shipyard "Poltava"

For the project Historical Shipyard Poltava, we made gift folders from the sails of the legendary sailing ship “Sedov”, under which it sailed in the 40-50s of the last century.

Project "Black Tea"

I fell in love with Italy at first sight...and it seems forever. Therefore, I was especially pleased to complete an order for the Italian company Black Tea, which makes the most elegant furniture I have ever seen. Last fall, the Russian representative office went to a corporate regatta on the sh…

Presentation of the new BMW 7 Series

A bag and a kitty for the presentation of the new BMW 7 Series, which took place in our club.

10th anniversary regatta "Hellas"

From November 5 to 12, 2013, the 10th anniversary regatta “Hellas” took place; the organizers of this wonderful story were the X-RAY company.
During the Hellas regatta, the organizers held a quiz, the theme was, of course, Greece, and the prize was a canvas bag, designed and s…

Regatta AR80

Our handbags at the opening of the international AR80 regatta!