Интерьер недели: Парусная студия Елены Бронской

Интерьер недели: Парусная студия Елены Бронской

In the workshop of Elena Bronskaya in the village of Lakhta on the Gulf of Finland, they sew bags, backpacks, wallets and accessories on a marine theme, and also repair sails. The studio occupies two sea containers located in the Hercules port. Previously, they used to store canned food.

Installing the containers and finishing the interior took about three months. One of the most labor-intensive stages was installation: in order to place one container on top of another, it was necessary to build an entire structure from iron beams, weld a staircase and a balcony. The two buildings were united by breaking through a wall between them. Windows were cut into the metal cladding to allow natural light inside. A professional team was hired for this work, while the finishing was done by employees and their friends and acquaintances.

The container was made entirely of aluminum; for comfort, it was lined with slabs of wood chips and a wooden floor was laid inside. Initially, the container was used as a refrigerator, so there was no need to insulate it additionally; it already holds the desired temperature well.

One of the rooms is occupied by cutting tables and sewing machines, the second has shelves with accessories. There is also a kitchen with a bar counter overlooking the bay. In the recreation area there is a small bed that we made ourselves.